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"Red dot dot" (RDD) is a subsidiary brand directly under SWK Holdings Ltd, a family member of Kampery Group. Kampery Group itself does manufacturing, import, export, wholesales and retail of coffee and tea, healthy and organic food and beverages, and wine. 


RDD was once focused on wholesaling wines from various chateaus to restaurants and in the catering business. Back in 2013, SWK Holdings Ltd. purchased a vineyard called Château Le Cléret in Bergerac, France. Since then, the company has expended to become a more diverse company with different areas of interests, including wine tourism, and wine knowledge.


In order to make wine more accessible to the public, RDD is now a platform for e-commerce to all wine lovers, wine connoisseurs, industry’s practitioners and wine merchants to purchase their favourite wines. RDD includes various types of wine of different regions, styles, vintages, types, etc., a wide range of selection available for guests. RDD also strives to provide the latest trends of wines; encourages communication and cooperation between members; and organizes activities such as different training programs, seminars and vineyard visits that help to enhance the members’ wine knowledge comprehensively. 

About Kampery

Kampery was established in Hong Kong in 1993. Business covers manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and importing and exporting. The Group includes Greendotdot, Organic Garden, Mocaroma, Reddotdot, Le Cléret and Kampery F & B etc. Greendotdot & Organic Garden specialize in import, export, wholesale and retail of organic and natural products; Kampery & Mocaroma specializes in coffee, tea, wine and coffee & tea equipment business. Regional offices & subsidiary companies are established in China’s main cities, Canada and France.

About Kampery
About Château Le Cléret

Château Le Cléret was built in the 17th century. It is under SAS SWK Le Cléret which is owned by Mr. WONG Ka Wo Simon, JP. The Château is set in the nine-hectare boutique estate. Château Le Cléret grows Merlot and Cabernet Franc with over 30-year-old vines. The blends produce a variety of rich and fruity wines. With limited production, it has become a sought after wine.

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